Everyone is picking up their normal life again. Walking around you might think that we totally forgot the pandemic that lasted for more than two years. For the most part we fall back into our old habits, looking at the long queues at the airport and the daily traffic jams.

However right after the pandemic Russia invaded Ukraine, leading to insecurity, and causing scarcity on multiple levels. In light of recent affairs we are not feeling entirely positive. How are we going to cope with all these insecurities? With our new freedom on the one hand and the insecurity of the war on the other hand, it is going to be difficult. We are trying to find a new balance. First, we run off, doing everything we were not allowed to do for two years, and then we enjoy as much as we can because we do not know how long the war will last and what the consequences will be. Yet, after a while, we find a new balance. Waiting in queues or traffic is what we are willing to endure. After a while, people will start considering alternative means of travel again, the catch-up race is coming to an end and the home/office work balance is expected to become a 50/50 division, which is fine for the majority of people.

Travelling is one of my hobbies and I know for sure I will travel by plane occasionally. However, I am considering alternative means and the frequency in which I am flying more often. Fairbee is all about finding the balance in a more sustainable lifestyle. Therefore, this edition is about celebrating the things we have missed for two years, like festivals and having drinks with family, friends, and colleagues: enjoying the good life. However, we are pushing for a swift transition into a sustainable future. Collaborations are a prerequisite to accelerate this transition.

In this edition’s in-depth article, we dive into the importance of collaborations and share our collabs with you. We created a unique collab around Nike Jordan 1s, one of fashion’s most iconic items using dead stock to create a pair of sustainable sneakers together with sneaker designer and craftsman Roel van Hoff.

We are looking behind the scenes of two amazing brands: J-Label and Panareha. Finally, we decided to focus on what we are good at, “spreading the joy of a sustainable lifestyle”, hence our new look and feel. Every step towards a sustainable future counts. I am proud of what we have achieved as a team. We would love to read your stories and hear your opinion on our new look & feel. Feel free to share your thoughts and start spreading joy with us.

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