WHELK Espadrilles Green
WHELK Espadrilles Green
WHELK Espadrilles Green
WHELK Espadrilles Green
WHELK Espadrilles Green
WHELK Espadrilles Green

WHELK Espadrilles Green


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Panareha WHELK espadrilles are our interpretation of this men’s essential footwear piece, with more quality on the construction and more comfort than ever. They are made of 100% cotton canvas and have more cushioning than you would expect on an espadrille, making them extremely comfortable no matter how long you have them on your foot. The mixed sole of jute and rubber gives that freshness you look for on an everyday classic like this and the elastic triangle on top for easy on-and-off makes sure your feet is always in place.
100% cotton canvas
Size & Fit
Normal. Tip: If you’re an ‘in-betweener’, try going down half a size for the very best fit.

About Panareha

Panareha envisions an ideal world where it is always summer. The season made to bare our feet, sweeten our soul and let our spirit run free. Panareha is committed to create great menswear with sustainability at heart. Panareha is on a noticeable mission to facilitate conscious shopping by making sustainability and fair production the new normal. This fully aligns with Fairbees’ ambitions which is why we are honored to have Panareha on our platform.

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