Sweater Soufflé Heavy jersey nude


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Long sleeved sweater with a V-neckline and detailed splits at the sides. This sweater is made out of heavy jersey and has slightly tapered sleeves to easily wear with the sleeves rolled up. The V-neckline and the splits are trimmed with a small board and the top is slightly longer on the backside and can be tucked in at the front. This sweater comes in a variety of colours.

73% Polyamide - 27% Elastane
Size & Fit
This garment has an oversized fit and low-set sleeves, if you don’t like an oversized fit you can try a size smaller
Made in Lithuania. Designed in the Netherlands.

About studio .ruig

studio .ruig is one of the pioneers in sustainable fashion since the start of the brand in 2009. Designers Klaartje Glashorster and Sophie Soons created a timeless style instead of following fashion trends. In order to create a true sustainable brand, studio .ruig does not stick to the traditional seasonal collections. Studio .ruig is on a noticeable mission to facilitate conscious shopping by making sustainability and fair production the new normal. This fully aligns with Fairbees’ ambitions which is why we are honored to have studio. ruig on our platform.

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