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Animal Welfare
The SCARF PRIME is created with a pointelle stitch, which adds a lightweight and air-permeable quality to this warm and ultra-soft blanket scarf.  
100% extra fine Merino wool
Size & Fit
226cm x 40cm
Designed, developed and produced at the Knitwear Lab - the Netherlands

About Knitwear Lab

Knitwear Lab develops smart technological applications for knitwear. Their knitwear specialists combine material research with the latest knitwear technologies. They have a progressive vision on sustainability. Developing ethical materials like biodegradable textiles and yarns from recycled waste is what they do constantly, placing a high emphasis on zero-waste production methods. 3D knitting techniques enable knitting designs entirely out of one piece, without any waste. Knitwear Lab sees educating their clients on the impact their production will have on our ecosystem as their responsibility. Knitwear Lab has their own collection of sustainable knitwear designs available via Fairbee. Every product is enriched with technological advancements in order to create smart, comfortable and aesthetically refined designs.

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