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For everyone over 55 years old or for very dry skin type. Very nourishing and restores the moisture balance
Sufficient for about 3 weeks. Sample set with Carrot Cleanser 15ml, Tomato Base Cream 15ml, Avocado Serum 10ml. Fits through the letterbox
Carrot Cleanser

1. Sunflower oil, rich in essential fatty acids, emollient.

2. Sweet almond oil is high in fatty acids and moisturizing.

3. Castor tree oil has a moisturizing effect.

4. Jojoba oil applies a protective layer to the skin to prevent the skin from drying out.

5, 6, 7. Beta-carotene, carrot extract and carrot seed oil together form a carrot macerate (herbal oil), a precursor of vitamin A. This promotes cell regeneration and thus the recovery of the skin. This macerate is absorbed into the sunflower oil.

8. Tocopherol is Vitamin E. This protects and contributes to good utilization of oxygen in the tissues.

9, 10. cardamom and myrrh essential oil - fragrance

11. Ascorbyl is a natural stabilizer

12, 13, 14, 15. Linalool, Citral, Geraniol and Limonene have not been added extra, but are mentioned because they are naturally present in the essential oils and are allergens. However, the quantities are so small that no warnings have been reported from lab tests.

Tomato Base Cream

Juice of the tomato (plant) - protective
Tomato seed oil - emollient
Avocado oil - protection and healing
Broccoli seed oil - protective
Glycerin - moisturizing
Polyglyceryl-2-stearate is a vegetable emulsifier. An emulsifier keeps the cream bound.
Shea shea butter - stimulates your skin's regenerative capacity and offers protection against dehydration
Lycopene from the tomato peel; protects against air pollution and is a powerful antioxidant
Natural emulsifier to bind the cream.
Soft, greasy (and therefore less stressful) natural alcohol.
Citric acid - for the pH value
Konjac seed oil - fragrance (essential oil)
Konjac root extract - retains moisture
Amino acid provides protection against the harmful effects of UV
Sunflower oil - emollient and rich in essential fatty acids.
myrrh oil - revitalizing
Lemongrass oil - calming
Vitamin E - antioxidant
Natural solvent
Amino acid for the pH value
Acetic acid for preservation
Water - natural solvent
Linalool* (this is in the essential oils)
Limonene* (this is in the essential oils)
Geraniol* (this is in the essential oils)
Sodium has been added as a natural preservative
Potassium sorbate is a natural preservative
Citral* (this is in the essential oils)
Avocado Serum

Avocado oil - makes the skin soft
Hemp seed oil - is moisturizing (for external use only, contains no CBD or THC)
Black elderberry seed oil - has a moisturizing effect
Oat oil - is emollient
Broccoli seed oil - has a protective effect
Cucumber herb extract - is moisturizing
Chamomile softens and is moisturizing
Turmeric - anti-oxidant
Sunflower oil - softens the skin
Rosemary - anti-oxidant
Q10 provides - for vitality, antioxidant
Laboratory tests have shown no evidence of allergies.
Size & Fit
Carrot Cleanser 15ml, Tomato Base Cream 15ml, Avocado Serum 10ml
Made in The Netherlands

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Food for Skin stands for no-nonsense, honest skin care. They believe in tangible results that you can see and feel. Food for Skin is free from junk and microplastics that end up in nature and of course free from animal suffering. But full of (upcycled) natural ingredients from vegetables and plants, which bring your skin flora into a good balance. Resulting in a fresh looking skin. Food for Skin's mission is to clean up the polluting beauty industry, together.

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