Revenge Sustainable Ankle Boot – Brown


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This Innovative Vegan Sustainable Winter Ankle Boot features a breathable soft grained effect Vegan Leather upper combined with a nylon collar section made from recycled plastic ocean trash (in collaboration with SEAQUAL) with a natural latex padding for comfort.   A warm borg style material made from recycled PET lines the boot while the breathable Vegan Leather tongue and insole lining is made from recycled PET and corn fiber.  The cleated sole is made from recycled rubber and is fully stitched through with a waterproof thread for extra security.   In true HAV style minimal branding details can be found on the boot with a self coloured embroidered logo featured on the tongue. To further this Boots Winter credentials the tongue is constructed with a bellows design which links the tongue directly to the upper and stops water and the cold from entering the boot.  
Eco-microfibre that is highly breathable, durable, absorbent, fast drying and carries the Oeko-Tex standard 100 class and Global Recycling Standard certification. Other materials are 100% organic cotton, recycled rubber- and cork.
Designed in Sweden, made in Guimaraes, Portugal

About Humans are Vain

Humans Are Vain is a Premium Swedish brand that fuses the latest vegan sustainable materials and innovative methods with timeless contemporary design. Their sustainable and recycled materials are what defines them and products made from such materials as apple leather and recycled plastic ocean trash can be found throughout the collection.

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