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The deep black combined with the tattoo-inspired lace make Casamance an ultra simple model to wear while being very feminine.
Deep black combined with tattoo-inspired lace make Casamance an ultra-simple model to wear while being very feminine.
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Lace, composition: 84% polyester / 16% elastane Organic cotton
Coton biologique venant d'Inde Dentelle confectionnée en Italie Culotte confectionnée en Hongrie

About Olly

When Mathilde and Clementine started their exchange program to Berlin, they did not know it would be the start of the Olly brand. Mathilde and Clementine where mesmorized by the beautiful and green and inspirational city. They explored and wandered the city. On one of these walks the idea of Olly was born. Mathilde and Clementine and their beautiful lingerie designs and prove that sexy and conscious go hand in hand.

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