Noé Ring - Gold 14K
Noé Ring - Gold 14K
Noé Ring - Gold 14K
Noé Ring - Gold 14K
Noé Ring - Gold 14K
Noé Ring - Gold 14K

Noé Ring – Gold 14K


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The Noé ring is our new timeless beauty. It's handmade by us with attention to detail. First, we made a wax prototype, created a mould based on that prototype and poured hot liquid recycled gold into this mould. We love the imperfect perfect shape, which gives the ring a soft & natural look. The Noé ring is made of solid 14k gold and will stay with you for a lifetime. For the ones who know our June Ring, the Noé Ring has the same vibes as the June Ring but it's a more flat version.    

Solid gold 14 carat
Size & Fit
Ring: 2 mm at the thinnest point, 7 mm at the thickest point. Ringsize: 14-21
Amsterdam, Netherlands

About Solitude

Solitude are two sisters that create jewellery with their own hands. They love the minimalistic yet elegant style. Their collection is characterized by organic shapes and timeless designs. Having all the tools and skills in-house, Solitude also makes durable bags, face masks and yoga activewear. Solitude is on a noticeable mission to facilitate conscious shopping by making sustainability and fair production the new normal. This fully aligns with Fairbees’ ambitions which is why we are honored to have Solitude on our platform.

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