Irem Black Spinel Necklace
Brands:Ana Dyla

Irem Black Spinel Necklace


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Instant beautiful necklace to go with all styles that you want. Black spinel Level Up Energy Renewal | Encouragement | Optimism The future is yours The necklace comes with an adjustable chain that can be altered to your desired length. The color remains perfect!
Every piece is handcrafted with 100% recycled gold and sterling silver, reducing CO2 emissions by over 60%.
Size & Fit
One size. Gemstone: black spinel 4x4mm Lenght: 44cm+4cm
Ana Dyla works with qualified craftsmanship. Workshops that work together with Ana Dyla achieve the perfect result, which delivers the products that meet the specifications and quality that Ana Dyla stands for. Turkey

About Ana Dyla

Ana Dyla is on a noticeable mission to facilitate conscious shopping by making sustainability and fair production the new normal. This fully aligns with Fairbees’ ambitions which is why we are honored to have Ana Dyla on our platform. Ana Dyla is a Dutch conscious lifestyle brand aiming for an honest and better world by offering fair jewellery with transparent and sustainable origin. Their jewellery believes in quality over quantity. They provide personalized craftsmanship as each item is hand sculpted. No corners are cut. Their carefully curated luxury materials provide the highest quality  accessories.

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