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For a stroll on the beach, a trip to the gym, or a snuggle on your couch while binge watching your favorite show. The first item in our Fairbee Essentials collection is our Fairbee hoodie. This hoodie is a definite must have because it can be worn for so many occasions. Its loose fit and soft fabric will make you want to wear it all day long, and that is exactly what you will do after receiving the hoodie. The Green Hoodie has been selected for Fairbee's BEe CONNECTED campaign. For every purchased Green Hoodie, we are donating EUR 10 to the Food Bank. Buy the sweater BEe CONNECTED and become part of the Fairbee hive.
The Fairbee hoodies are made  out of 80% organic cotton and 20% recycled polyester, making it a good sustainable alternative that will last for years to come. Every sweater contains a QR-code, so you can see who made it.  
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Ethically produced in Bangladesh.

About Fairbee Essentials

Fairbee Essentials is a limited collection of essential items. Classic garments like hoodies and t-shirts with a modern fit and our soon to be iconic logo. Made to wear, made to last. Manufactured with affection for you and love for people, planet and animals.

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