Henosis perfume 50ml

Henosis perfume 50ml


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A powerful, smokey scent with the odour of a smoldering forest fire is slowly wrapped in the soothing energy of Cedarwood and Frankincence. The warming fumes of resinous materials and Ambrette seeds are known to be calming on human beings, the Vetiver and Oakmoss help us to ground. top notes: smoke Birch tar camphor heart notes: Cedarwood Vetiver Ambrette base notes: Frankincense Benzoin Siam Myrrh
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50 ml
Hand blended in a small atelier in the Netherlands with all things natural in our minds, hearts and noses.

About Lingua Planta

Lingua Planta is a line of botanical perfumes based on research on plant intelligence and founded by Merle Bergers.                                                                                                                                             “Honoring and harnessing the beauty of plants in our perfumes that carry a meaning beyond the senses."                                                                                                                                             ​ All Lingua Planta products are hand-blended in de Bilt, the Netherlands. Made artisanally with high-quality vegan natural essential oils, extracts and raw materials. With love for nature in mind, heart and nose.

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