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An eternally burning candle? Almost. You can place a tea light in this handmade candle lamp or hollow candle for a beautiful effect with soft light from within. The hand-poured durable wax won't sag or melt. So you have a beautiful candle for a very long time – just not forever. This candle has the natural color of wax with a gray gradient. We subtly had a small table made in the wash. Fairly made in Indonesia, climate positive, plastic-free packaging.

About The Table

They design and make everything you need for a beautifully set table, where you can eat, talk, laugh and sometimes, cry. With your family, with your friends, with your family. They work with great craftsmen from all over the world, whom they all know personally too. Almost everything in the collection is handmade. The tableware is made in Thailand, the glass in Egypt, the tablecloths in India, the candles in Indonesia and the placemats in Bangladesh. Carla knows the best craftsmen and has worked with them for years and sat next to them to arrive at new shapes with their old techniques.

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