AURELIA shorts sky blue


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Animal Welfare
The AURELIA shorts are part of the SS21 PELAGIA collection, which is inspired by the beauty and significance of jellyfish. The AURELIA shorts are named after the aurelia auritas also known as the moon jellyfish. These creatures come in a variety of beautiful colors such as blue and pink. Did you know that NASA did an experiment with moon jellyfish to test the microgravity? This experiment started in the early 90’s and included 60K jellyfish orbiting the earth. The AURELIA shorts have pockets where you can store small items. Tightness can be adjusted with the string on the inside. A multi-functional tool is attached and can open bottles or hang keys. The attached strings resemble the tentacles of jellyfish.   Important: Please wash with care. For the best result hand wash or cold wash only.  
65% viscose, 30% polyamide, 5% E.A
Size & Fit
High rise fit. Tightness can be adjusted with the string on the inside. male is 182cm | female is 174cm male model wear size M | female model wear size S
Made in Amsterdam

About Athrty

ATHRTY  is an Amsterdam fashion label, aimed to deliver creativity with a focus on minimalism and a passion for aesthetics. Athrty is on a noticeable mission to facilitate conscious shopping by making sustainability and fair production the new normal. This fully aligns with Fairbees’ ambitions which is why we are honored to have Athrty on our platform.

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