Attract perfume 50ml
Attract perfume 50ml
Attract perfume 50ml

Attract perfume 50ml


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Bees and butterflies encounter a Bulgarian rose. Attract is based on the ways flowers attract pollinators with their floral scent molecules when in full bloom. A rosy, rich perfume leads you deep into an empathetic understanding of the olfactory language of plants. Use a couple of sprays to refresh your mind and body. Use a couple of sprays in your space to invigorate your mind and body.   Top Notes:  Lindenblossom Rose Geranium Ho wood   Heartnotes: Rose Absolute Patchouli Mimosa   Basenotes:  Labdanum resin Immortelle Ambrette    All plants communicate with each other and  other species using olfactory molecules.  Lingua Planta, the language of plants. 
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50 ml
Hand blended in a small atelier in the Netherlands with all things natural in our minds, hearts and noses.

About Lingua Planta

Lingua Planta is a line of botanical perfumes based on research on plant intelligence and founded by Merle Bergers.                                                                                                                                             “Honoring and harnessing the beauty of plants in our perfumes that carry a meaning beyond the senses."                                                                                                                                             ​ All Lingua Planta products are hand-blended in de Bilt, the Netherlands. Made artisanally with high-quality vegan natural essential oils, extracts and raw materials. With love for nature in mind, heart and nose.

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