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I am Alisson Simmonds – a sustainable lifestyle influencer and blogger. I was born and raised in the sunny city of Barranquilla in Colombia. When I was 18 years old I moved to Cologne in Germany to pursue my studies in Design. A couple of years after I graduated, I moved to The Netherlands to settle down with the love of my life.

Back then I was not conscious of the environment. Though, I enjoyed second-hand shopping and strolling through flea markets. But it was until November of 2016 that I watched the documentary The True Cost that I started to be more conscious about clothes and about the people who make them. As well as the environmental cost of fashion. After learning about that, I decided to show on my Instagram my outfits with second-hand pieces and with clothes from sustainable brands. That’s why I love Fairbee, they have such a wide range of great sustainable brands. Some of these brands were even new to me and I am happy to be introduced to their beautiful products.

Create your own sunshine

Alouette singlet

Choose to shine together with Alisson in this charming singlet, ethically produced using recycled materials.

Create your own sunshine

Reverse top

Impress people with this joyful reverse top. This half-a-longsleeve is wearable with both the right or left arm in the sleeve, so do as you please. The slim fit makes it layer-friendly with a blazer and trousers and the diagonal cut is truly flattering.