Often, in the world of sustainable fashion, menswear is overlooked. It is important to address the options available to the male consumer, consider how men can live a low-waste life, and uncover the best places to shop for men’s fashion. Minimalism is a great way to embark on a sustainable lifestyle. Although minimalism can be a shift in one’s overall lifestyle, here we ponder the ways in which minimalism can be implemented in the wardrobe.

Men seeking guidance on where to start with their wardrobe may find minimalism an exciting sustainable solution. Shopping can be stressful, and at times a hassle. With so many stores and items to choose from, where do you start? Also, what is your personal style and how do you find it? A capsule wardrobe is a perfect solution to these issues men face, and we make it even easier for you at Fairbee where we provide sustainable fashionable options for clothes to fill your capsule wardrobe.


First of all, what is minimalism? It seems self-explanatory; minimal belongings, minimal waste, but in turn a full life. Minimalist experts Joshua Fields Millburn & Ryan Nicodemus, in their 2015 documentary ‘Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things’, emphasise the importance of living a minimalist lifestyle for the planet, our mental health, and our bank account. This pair help over 20 million people live meaningful lives with less through their website, books, podcast, and Netflix films. There is no doubt that living this way is sustainable – but in a world of fast fashion and rapidly changing trend cycles, how possible is it to escape the loop?

The film addresses ‘Project 333’, which is a way of minimising one’s wardrobe. This project challenges participants to use 33 articles of clothing for 3 months, forming a sort of capsule wardrobe. The point is to show participants how there are actually many ways we can style this number of belongings, and often we own more clothes than we can wear. It encourages purposeful fashion decisions. Surprisingly, feedback from this challenge shows that people rarely notice the re-wearing of garments, as there are so many ways one can style the pieces. This challenge could be a great way for men to jump into the world of minimalism, especially for men who may feel overwhelmed at the prospect of styling or shopping.


So, how can men’s fashion be made minimalist? Perhaps, to start on a minimalist journey, a well needed declutter is in order. Our wardrobes often become overrun with garments we haven’t worn in years, or items that simply no longer fit us! You can of course resell these or donate them to keep them out of landfill. We recommend shopping sustainably and ethically when purchasing the extra pieces that you may need to make up your minimalist wardrobe. The purpose of minimalism is not only to be more eco-conscious and benefit the planet, but also to find things that promote true happiness, rather than focusing on the fleeting joys of consumerism.

A good way to form a minimalist wardrobe is by deciding the best colour palette that compliments you, and colours that complement one another in turn, allowing you to combine any number of items to form an outfit. This aligns well with the ‘Project 333’ method. Think reversible tops, jeans that can be belted or worn loose, and jackets that can transform an outfit from day to night. These are all great tools for men to develop a personal style, while still maintaining that capsule wardrobe. Your minimalist wardrobe can be punctuated by some basic staples, but don’t be afraid to define your personal style with a few unique pieces. You can still find joy in fashion while leading a minimalist lifestyle.


Looking for some brands to shop with for staple wardrobe pieces to enhance your minimalist wardrobe? We have got you covered!

Shop at Unrecorded https://fairbee.com/brand/unrecorded/ for solid colour basics like sweatshirts and joggers, which are high quality and sustainable. The cotton they use is all 100% GOTS Certified organic. If you are looking for a classic turtleneck, or perhaps a staple pair of jeans, try Kuyichi https://fairbee.com/brand/kuyichi/. Kings of Indigo https://fairbee.com/brand/kings-of-indigo/ sells cool denim and streetwear pieces. They sell some unique patchwork style garments, showing that minimalism doesn’t always have to mean plain, block colours. For the working man, Skot https://fairbee.com/brand/skot/ may be a great option with its classic shirts and polos. Skot is a brand that encourages consumers to treasure their garments, which is a huge part of the minimalist lifestyle.






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