Let’s celebrate
Finally we are able to go out again and celebrate the moment with friends.

Choose quality and sustainability

Consider the kind of world you want to leave behind for future generations.

And if you buy quality stuff, you can pass it on to your kids
or re-gift it to someone else and make them happy.

Dive into the Fairbee world

Have a look around and shop with a good feeling.

When something is chosen with care, we cherish it more.

Saja Chander - Ceo Fairbee

The older you get, the less you take the good things in life for granted. And, like me, you may feel responsible to do better. Three times better actually; better for Mother Earth, better for the people around you and of course better the animals. That is why I started Fairbee. Together with a group of special people, we put our heart and souls into creating this online platform.  Because we believe that beautiful things become even more valuable when they have been made with respect and sold fairly. Take your time and have a look around. Enjoy.


We buy back

If you no longer love or use your product, we buy back within a year.

Know the backstory of the products you buy

Understanding the journey behind the stuff in your life will like make you value it more

Pass it forward

If you don’t use your purchase anymore pass it on and make someone else’s day!

Give back to nature

1% of our revenue goes to repairing Dutch nature.