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Jack Delhi

Because of my work as a manager at various clothing stores in the past and my current work as a model / actor I come into contact with clothing and lifestyle a lot.  I know that a sustainable supply chain for clothing is not considered as much of a priority like it should be. It’s important to create awareness about this issue, Fairbee helps with this.

On their functional website you can make great combinations of sustainable fashion items to create the amazing outfits. Another great thing about Fairbee… They also provide other sustainable products on the website such as jewelry, cosmetics and lifestyle products!

This collection is about one of the most powerful, yet beautiful forces that can be found in nature: volcanoes. This coat is named after Hephaestus aka Vulcan, the god of fire and craftsmen.

The HEPHAESTUS coat is water repellent and windproof. It also features three pockets and a nice multi-tool detail. The HEPHAESTUS coat can be worn with or without a large belt.

Hephaestus coat grey
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The AURELIA collection is inspired by the beauty of the jellyfish. This edition in flamingo pink features a haiku, traditionally a Japanese short poem consisting of three phrases with 5-7-5 syllables.


The AURELIA shorts have pockets where you can store small items. Tightness can be adjusted with the string on the inside. A multi-functional tool is attached and can open bottles or hang keys. The attached strings resemble the tentacles of jellyfish.

AURELIA shorts flamingo pink
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AURELIA t-shirt flamingo pink
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The Darren chino is a more regular fitted chino with a tapered leg. It’s designed to wear loose or to fold the bottom and wear it cropped. The material is stretchy and very comfortable.


Combine the chino with this dark grey oversized T-shirt for the ultimate look.

Darren Chino 100.00
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