We are so happy that live music festivals have returned. For so long, music lovers have been divided across the globe. Now we are finally reunited, amongst nature or in the heart of our favourite cities. Festivals are a time of freedom, fun and creativity. We are given the chance to bond with those we came with and make new friends along the way. There are so many opportunities waiting to be discovered at the start of the festival season.

Imagine your favorite musician on stage. You’re in the crowd with your friends, you’re laughing, drinking – the sun beats down on you. What could be better?

Festivals unite all who are there, through the power of creativity. Everyone who is in the crowd, chose to prioritize their attendance. They bought tickets, made childcare plans, organized transport – they all find themselves in the space – united. After so long divided, being together again holds even more power than it did before. The feeling of experiencing music with likeminded people around you is incomparable.

If there’s anywhere you can wear whatever you want, it’s a festival. Festivals are a chance to show off your craziest pieces and experiment with fashion. Often, people see events as an excuse to buy new outfits to impress. Whilst reducing consumption is the most ethical option, we all deserve to treat ourselves sometimes.

Short Skirts

If you’ve ever been to a festival you know the feeling of being amazed by everyone’s outfits as you walk around. Colours, patterns, textures – everyone goes all out. Usually, festivals are hot environments, because they take place in summer and they are crowded. This makes it important to wear something free flowing that lets your skin breathe. No one wants to be hot and bothered, festivals are a time for being care free.

Since the Miu Miu Prince-Of-Wales Check Mini Skirt took the fashion world by a storm, short skirts have dominated fashion shows. If you’re heading somewhere like the Primavera Sound Festival in Portugal, why not wear this beautiful vegan halter dress by Atelier Jungles. This simple black dress is the perfect base to any outfit. Made from 100% GOTS and Oeko-tex certified Vegan Silk, this floaty and comfortable halter dress couldn’t be better suited for festivals. Dance the night away in the free flowing fabric and re-wear it later in the season.

Vibrant colours

After two years of Covid-19, we all welcome colour and joy into our lives. With the freedom from lockdown comes opportunity. Opportunity to attend festivals and enjoy wearing colorful extravagant outfits that lockdown banished.

Get creative with how you add colour to your outfits. This bold scarf by Bufandy can be worn in multiple different ways – a swimsuit cover up, wrap skirt, or a 90s style neck scarf. Made of 100% baby Alpaca wool, this versatile piece is sustainable and perfect for summer.

Even though dresses are some of the easiest items to wear for a low effort but highly impressive outfit, we still perceive them as something to wear on special occasions. A festival seems like the perfect time to step out in something impressive, so why not try this 90% organic cotton polo ankle dress by Esmé Studios. If you’re one of the thousands of people going to Sziget Festival in Hungary, you better prepare for high temperatures. A loose fitting dress like this is the perfect balance between fashion and practicality this festival season. It’s important to feel comfortable, stylish and shine…



As much as festivals are an incredible experience, have you ever arrived and felt your outfit doesn’t look as good as everyone else’s? This summer, love yourself and own your style, no matter what other people around you look like. Look stylish and stay comfortable in this striped T shirt dress by Studio Elsien Gringhuis. With stripes being a major trend this season, this dress made from 100% recycled and handwoven fabric will see you through the whole of summer. Chic and summery, what better place to wear it than Paris? The We Love Green Festival in the French capital is the perfect place for eco conscious fashionistas. Make your statement in the famous Parisienne style!

Let the festival season begin! After two years in lockdown the stories and memories we will have over the coming months is an exciting prospect. Sustainable and stunning fashion could not be easier to find this year. All that’s left to do is enjoy it.


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