You awake in paradise to the sun creeping through the curtains, as you close your eyes for five more minutes. On vacation there is no pressure to get up, other than to make the most of the fun day ahead. What will you do first? Enjoy a local breakfast with friends at an independent cafe, take a swim in the sustainable resort pool, or go for a run on the beach?

Going on a run in a seaside town is always enjoyable. There are so many new places to see. Maybe you’ll find a lovely hidden spot for lunch? Jogging along the coastline is the perfect way to get exercise and take in the sights. You stop for a while. You take a breath. Your skin glows as you feel the first rays of morning sunshine. The texture of the sand is soft and fresh beneath your feet. The landscape is so beautiful. A desire to protect and care for the earth comes over you.

After your run, you’re ready to start the day. Following a quick dip in the sea you’re heading to meet friends for drinks over lunch. What could be better to wear post a workout in the heat – than a light and floaty shirt? Having a few drinks at the bar is the ideal place for a casual yet classic shirt – you want to be comfortable and stylish. This linen striped shirt features fully biodegradable buttons made from a tropical palm.  The red pinstripe pattern is subtle but eye catching, ideal for transitioning into a more eccentric wardrobe this season. Also, this off white linen shirt is the missing piece in your summer wardrobe. Loose fitting and made from breathable fabric, it’s an obvious summer staple. With these shirts you’ll be ready to head straight from drinks with friends to lounging on the beach.


Maybe a quick dip in the sea on a sunny afternoon? Feeling the salty water on your skin and lying on the beach to dry is one of the simplest pleasures on vacation. The book by Janine M. Benyus in your hands reads: “Deep down, we still feel the desire to reconnect with the nature that shaped our imagination, our language, our song and our dance, our sense of the divine”. You couldn’t agree more. The sun sets over the salty horizon. Life is so beautiful!

Let’s celebrate it! Some snacks and a cold organic white wine before meeting friends? Isn’t food one of the best bits of any holiday? A fresh box of products from a  farm arrives at the right time. The flavour of these local products is accentuated with a good glass organic wine.

It is time to go dinner! You are going somewhere fancy, this stunning blue two piece from Hideyoshi could be perfect for you. In hot climates, fitted suits are uncomfortably warm, so why not try a baggier option? The subtle blue is perfect for summer. The looser fit gives it an effortless edge without being too out there.

Maybe you’re joining friends for a relaxed bite to eat? It gets colder in the evenings, so a casual jumper will help you stay warm and look fashionable. Consider this off white light sweater by Kings of Indigo. Made from entirely recycled polyester and reused cotton, the planet will thank you for your purchase. The ribbed texture makes the jumper look similar to knitwear (all the range this season), allowing you to look stylish and stay cool at the same time.

At the restaurant, they say there is a special festival in town. The programme is full of music and that is what you missed for two years. You go dancing with your friends and have a blast.

Whether you’re sightseeing, exploring a new village, going to a museum – you’ll be walking around a lot. The heat makes it hard enough to walk long distances, so good shoes are essential. These slip ons by Panareha in Espadrilles Green are a subtle way to drop some colour into your outfit. Durable and comfortable, they are appropriate for a range of summer activities.

We feel excited even just talking about summer vacation. The season is fast approaching and we can’t wait to be lying on a sun lounger, feeling the fit on our skin – deliberating the best spot for dinner with family and friends. Spending time with friends and family are the small things in life that we had to miss for a while but truly make us happy. Let’s enjoy it.



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