Facilitating a sustainable lifestyle

Fairbee Buys Back

We believe in the products we sell. So much so that if you don’t enjoy the product anymore, we will buy it back from you. Even after a year. How does this work? Read on!


Fairbee wants to accelerate and facilitate the transition to a sustainable lifestyle by making it easier and fun for you. We believe that every purchase counts, leading to our next project: Fairbee Buys Back. Fairbee is the first sustainable lifestyle platform to introduce such a concept. 


The products offered in our store currently are all first-hand, sustainably produced, and high-quality. We are proud to offer them, but we need to take it a step further to reach our ultimate goal of creating a better production chain with a closed loop. We aim for the maximum lifespan of products. 

How it works

It is actually quite simple. Every item you buy in our store, we can buy it back from you. You will either receive cash back or store credit with m2 nature protection from Earth Today. 

Fairbee will not become a marketplace yet, but we will cooperate with partners who have more knowledge of what to do with returned items. Some options are secondhand stores, clothing libraries, recycling, upcycling or donation 

We will keep you in the loop with what happens with the item you returned. 

Fairbee Buys Back Steps: 

  1. Fill out this form (maybe make this clickable) and submit. This form will ask for some personal details as well as details of the item you are selling back to Fairbee. 
  2. Fairbee receives your request and assesses it. 
  3. Fairbee creates your shipping label or an appointment for a drop off is made. 
  4. You send the item using the sent shipping label or drop off the package during your drop off appointment. 
  5. You receive your reimbursement: either cashback or a shopping voucher. 
  6. Fairbee sends returned item back to a partner. 
  7. All bees are happy! 

Here are the basic conditions: 

When returning items within 1 year in good condition, your options are:  

  • 60% of the value shopping voucher + Earth Today m2 
  • 40% cashback

When returning items within 2 year in good condition, your options are:

  • 40% of the value shopping voucher + Earth Today m2 
  • 20% cashback 

When returning items older than 2 years:

  • 20% of the value shopping voucher + Earth Today m2