Now, buy Nothing, with a 30% discount!

Fairbee will not participate in Black Friday! Instead, we’re launching a Buy Nothing campaign this week as a protest against the excessive buying behavior stimulated by the many discounts and offers from brands and chains.


It will have major impact on the entire production chain if more consumers buy more consciously, thereby stressing the importance of fair wages, more environmentally friendly production and animal welfare. If we want to leave a beautiful world for the next generation, this chain should change.


We as a sustainable lifestyle platform are feeling more and more resistance towards Black Friday. What once started as a day has now evolved into weeklong campaigns enticing consumers to buy more than they need. It correlates to the fear of missing out. We very well understand that consumers would like to purchase new things, but do they need to? Or could it be less, or even better? Yes, it is possible. And that’s what Fairbee stands for. It is our goal for everyone in the chain to benefit from a purchase. That would make a Fair Friday for everyone and not, as the name suggests: “Black Friday”.


However, if you cannot resist the temptation to buy something new, we will award you with a 30% discount on a small, medium or large box of ‘nothing’. With this box you donate to Earth Today, and you protect a part of this beautiful planet.


Change Black Friday and make a difference this Friday!

Nothing #1 10.0010,000.00
"Ik vond het echt niets! 5 sterren." - Arjan
Nothing #2 10.0010,000.00
Geweldig! Eindelijk lekker geld uitgeven zonder het gedoe van al die spullen! - C. Koopman
Nothing #3 10.0010,000.00