Tolhuijs designs the other way around. They don't make a design and then add the materials like most designers do. What they have at hand is our starting point. They design based on the material and production options, resulting in a product that is interesting for the customer.

Tolhuijs' style is characterized as 'simple, tough and honest'. The materials are visible, besides painting nothing is obscured. At Tolhuijs, designs have a double meaning. Their SPOOL is not just another lamp on the market, their FENCY is not just a steel grid. Before products are placed in their portfolio, they had a completely different purpose and were ready for scrap. They ensure that these materials can have a longer and better life.

Waste is recycled, but this is not the most sustainable solution for the material. The quality of the material degrades, and it takes a lot of energy. The material is still good enough to make new products, as long as you look at it creatively. That is what Tolhuijs is very good at! Above all, the product should look good. This way you automatically get the sustainable story with people in the living room. A sustainable 'Trojan horse'