Worlds Of Opportunities

WOO, short for Worlds of Opportunities, is a social enterprise and premium impact brand based in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam and in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. They offer a nice range of high-quality lifestyle products, handcrafted with care for the planet and the people. Every phase of the supply chain is focused on generating a positive social and sustainable impact.

Their vision is to bring leading experts from the worlds of luxury, design and product development together with expert artisans, farmers, and producers from developing nations.

WOO moves by continually seeking ways to scale up supply and develop new products in order to generate more positive impact and engage more people from different settings. WOO moves by leading the campaign for global citizens to band together in the mission for positive and sustainable change.

The company cares about high quality – in execution, as well as operating in a fair and sustainable way. By employing people regardless of socioeconomic background, gender, diagnosis or disability. By mindfully sourcing from suppliers who offer fair wages, prohibit child and forced labour, commit to non-discrimination, promote gender equity and women’s empowerment, provide safe and healthy working conditions and have respect for the environment.

WOO connects by embracing low-income communities in our supply chain such as farmers, artisans and employees, creating opportunities for marginalized communities. Connectin the makers with conscious consumers, bridging the gap between those with and without opportunities.


Worlds Of Opportunities