Solitude are two sisters that create jewellery with their own hands. They love the minimalistic yet elegant style. Their collection is characterized by organic shapes and timeless designs. They make the jewellery out of real and recycled 14 karate gold and 925 silver. They have consciously chosen to avoid gold-plated jewellery, because it will wear off eventually, and the colour will fade in due time, causing the jewel to end up in the back of your drawer.

Next to their own collection, they also make custom-made jewellery, fully personalized to your wishes: engrave fingerprints, initials, drawings, and add gorgeous gemstones to the rings, necklace or your favourite bracelet. For a part of the own production, they use gold and silver jewellery from the customer him- or herself to create a new piece of jewellery. For the other part of the production, recycled raw materials come from a Dutch supplier who purchases the metals in Germany and Italy.

Having all the tools and skills in-house, Solitude also makes durable bags, face masks and yoga activewear. The plastic-free face masks are made of left-over linen and cotton fabrics, the bags are made of overstock leather and are super durable. The active wear collection is made of modal fabric. The tops are reversible, double stitched, durable and very timeless. All their suppliers are local, based in the Netherlands.