Why is it so hard to make beautiful, sustainable clothes? We started SKOT because we want to take this challenge. Passions for design and clothing meet sustainability. We are specialists in quality shirts, showing since 2017 that quality and positive impact can be combined very well. And for affordable prices.

A small Amsterdam-based startup with big dreams. The goal is 100% sustainable fashion, nothing more, nothing less. Dream with us and follow our exciting journey. SKOT means treasure in Frisian, a province up North in The Netherlands. The name emphasizes the need to take care of precious things. Treasure the people who are near to you, treasure the world, treasure SKOT shirts. Owning a beautiful piece means you have to take good care of it. Hence, the brand name SKOT.

The brand means top quality, giving the shirt a luxury look and making it more durable too. The fashionable design alongside the detailed finishing make the shirt exceptional.

We envision a fashion industry with a minimal footprint on nature and a positive impact on people. Because we have respect for others and want to enjoy this world forever for ourselves and for next generations to come. We believe in a fun, fair world. Our shirts emphasize that message. We made with a smile,  you wear them with a smile.