Sasha Lara

The idea to collect money for small projects in Third World countries resulted in the development of Sasha Lara as a brand. Travelling through several countries in Asia in 2017 with Nepal as one of her destinations, Sacha wanted to have a custom-made suit for herself. So she designed one on the fly, looked for a tailor and after some days she had her own designed hand-made suit.

Trekking through the Himalayas, her thoughts were drifting away to designing more suits. Friend Puck did a photoshoot with the first suit, that was received well on social media. And so the idea of setting up Sasha Lara was born.

Sasha Lara's goal is to ‘give more’, by stimulating the economy in Nepal through jobs for local people and by donating her profits to charity projects like rebuilding a school.

Sasha Lara stands for responsible design, making suits that fit ambitious women, giving us the confidence to change the world together. A suit that empowers the women who wear it and the Nepalese communities.


Sasha Lara