Panareha envisions an ideal world where it is always summer. The season made to bare our feet, sweeten our soul and let our spirit run free. A beer with friends at a sunset party by the pool makes you smile. Dwell away on blue waves, sandy beaches,  laughter and cool music.

Panareha captures the real summer spirit as an independent conscious lifestyle fashion brand. The collections have a cooler, more relaxed approach to men’s summer wear, varying from swimwear to shirts and accessories.

Panareha is committed to create great menswear with sustainability at heart. They combine the best materials with the best manufacturers, challenging them to produce more long-lasting, sustainable products. Aimed at  protecting our planet’s natural resources.

Lisbon, one of the trendiest cities in the world, is the home base for the Panareha team. Summer is always on the team’s mind, because of the many beautiful beaches and the sun’s magical light in Lisbon. This inspires us to design cool men’s summer wear collections.