When Jochem and Sjoerd both became fathers for the first time in 2013, they found out that there were harmful ingredients even in baby care. So Naïf was born: natural care for Baby & kids, with only ingredients that the baby's skin really needs and that are not only good for the skin, also for the planet. Soon, adults also resorted to Naïf's care products. There is now a natural range for young and old.

At Naïf, they prefer to look at how things can be done differently, and look at natural alternatives that give the same, if not better, result as the non-natural variants. You will find ingredients such as flaxseed oil, cottonseed oil, avocado oil and tomato extract. But also zinc oxide and coconut fibres. They stay away from mineral oils, chemical preservation or harsh chemical. Because your skin doesn't need that, and it doesn't serve the planet.

Helping families to take good care of their offspring without worry. The philosophy behind Naïf is simple: do good. They make skin care products that respect and protect the purity of people and the planet. Leave the place where we were born better than how we found it. Not only for ourselves, but also for the next generation and give them a basis in which they can choose Good Care.

Naïf is B-Corp certified. This means that Naïf is committed to a better world when it comes to social impact, responsibility, transparency and sustainability.  Together with the Plastic Soup Foundation, Naïf contributes to raising awareness of the effects of plastic on nature.