Mud Jeans

MUD Jeans is a fair trade certified, sustainable denim brand based in The Netherlands. The company adheres to the principles of the circular economy. Their jeans are made from 40% recycled content, with the material being derived from discarded jeans.

In order to make the circular economy an attractive proposition in fashion, recycled cotton must be cheaper than newly produced cotton, and not vice versa. However, this is not yet the case. MUD Jeans take on the challenge. They want to be the pioneering brand showing the world that we can create a circular denim brand anyhow.

The company has already made a serious impact in the last 4 years:

  • saving 533 million litres of water
  • avoiding 1 million kilos of CO2
  • in 2019 alone they preserved 160,000 m2a of land
  • saving 20,000 jeans from landfill and incineration


Mud Jeans