Lingua Planta

Lingua Planta is a niche perfume brand established in Utrecht, the Netherlands. Merle Bergers, conceptual designer & perfumer, founded the company in 2018. She believes in the ability of perfume to tell stories and teleport people into an unseen, collective world of knowledge that exceeds species. The fragrances themselves are made from the best natural absolutes, extracts, resins and essential oils, resembling keyholes to nature.

Lingua Planta aims for a more thoughtful way of being. We share this world with more than only the human part, our decisions have an impact and come with a responsibility. This responsibility is embedded within every choice. As a company we are striving to be the best possible versions of ourselves when it comes to packaging, our perfume materials and integrity. We are always on the look-out to form a connection with those like-minded in their approach.

Made for modern, sensuous and conscious people, who are curious to discover intrinsic, highly authentic and intricate botanical oriented scents that will heighten and enliven their spirits.


Lingua Planta