Humans are Vain

Humans Are Vain is a Premium Swedish brand that fuses the latest vegan sustainable materials and innovative methods with timeless contemporary design.



Their sustainable and recycled materials are what defines them and products made from such materials as Pineapple leaves and recycled plastic ocean trash can be found throughout our collection.  They have carefully developed  materials and designed the products in a way to ensure they can operate a circular economy, therefore, all their products can be fully recycled at the end of their life. Even the footwear can be turned into new soles.



Manufacturing takes place in Portugal and Sweden in carefully selected ethical factories which are monitored with an own quality control team based near the factories. They ensure that all products can be certified 100% vegan which means every component and material is checked and certified. Humans Are Vain have also been approved by Peta.


Humans are Vain