Halsduk by Esmee

Let yourself embraced by the Couture Streetwear collection from Halsduk by Esmee. Kimonos (silk, knitted and even recycled denim), kimono jackets, dresses, pants and scarves, of course. With an eye for detail, sustainability and quality Halsduk by Esmee designs are stylish and timeless fashion for the self-confident woman. A large part of the collection is produced by the best, mainly Dutch workshops: custom made, limited editions and one of a kind.

“Designed to look great long after the seasonal trend is dead”

You see and feel it immediately. All materials are made with care and love. By choosing “Halsduk” you will be stylishly embraced with rich, super soft and high-quality fabrics and your “Halsduk” will survive every trend. So beautiful can be sustainable. “Halsduk” travels with the times and adapts to you. And not the other way around. Welcome to the world of “Halsduk”! Esme.


Halsduk by Esmee