Furb Upcycled

FURB Upcycled makes handcrafted sustainable pieces. The company aims to upcycle sustainable, valuable and responsible fabric in the spirit of shaping a more ethical future. FURB is backed by a team of highly skilled and experienced craftspeople.

Upcycling is the mission at FURB. Upcycling is the art of giving new purpose to already discarded materials, evolving towards more sustainable fashion through creating luxury products of better quality and environmental value.

FURB Upcycled lets its customers make a choice that respects both their values and the environment. Being responsible has now become a necessity in the face of large overconsumption. We should buy less and buy better.

Acquiring an upcycled garment, accessory, or object made from recycled materials is a cool and conscious decision. Socially rewarding, yet sophisticated, and carefully thought out to go beyond ever-changing trends, a FURB Upcycled piece is made to be worn and appreciated for a lifetime.

Through FURB’s upcycling program, one may now secure a future to a piece of sentimental value by re-purposing it to a modern, functional and considered design item.


Furb Upcycled