Elsien Gringhuis

Studio Elsien Gringhuis is a conscious label for the high-end customer, capturing the essence of clothing. The collection is innovative, timeless and pure yet elegant. Garment with superb quality in fabrics, cuts and finish.

They design an ongoing collection bundled in so-called “Books”. Each and every book is expanded on a regular basis with a number of styles. The individual styles remain as long as the fabrics continue to be available. They follow their own rhythm and pace working with a diverse range of the highest quality and certified fabrics.

Elsien Gringhuis produces only in the Netherlands. In their own studio and with the help of skilled tailors. This way they support (local) craftsmanship, and local traditions, stimulating economic growth of the local community.

All items are made to order, so no stock, saving the environment from over-production. By producing in the low lands, and sourcing all materials as close to home as possible, they save a lot of travel miles and carbon emissions in the production process.


Elsien Gringhuis