With CharlieMary’s seasonless collections, they offer classic everyday pieces with a modern and relevant aesthetic. The garments are comfortable, timeless, high-quality that can be worn longer, passed on, and reused.

Before CharlieMary starts designing, the garments have already lived a life. CharlieMary works with the honorable task of prolonging this life. ‘We’re in it for the long run.’ That’s why while designing, they try to figure out the entire lifecycle of a piece of clothing.

Why create more new materials when there is already so much out there? CharlieMary makes garments out of fabric that has already lived a life. They use ‘dead stock’ (leftover inventory from other fashion houses) and turn these into new pieces of clothing. Because they work with what there is, a big part of our collection is limited edition.

CharlieMary only works with production partners that offer safe and pleasant working conditions to their employees. Where craftsmanship is rewarded with appreciation and a decent wage.