Bufandy is an independent fashion label with a mission to deliver beautiful and timeless products (mostly scarfs), made with respect for the environment and people.

The collection is the result of a close cooperation between Dutch design,  Ecuadorian craftsmanship and Peruvian alpaca farming. They use high quality materials and apply good craftsmanship in order to create and produce long-lasting products that everybody can be proud of, both producer and user.

In the Andean mountains, where vegetation is scarce and nights are cold, is where Alpacas feel at home. They are closely related to Llama and Vicuna and have been domesticated since thousands of years for their incredible soft and warm wool. Alpacas are an important part of indigenous culture, especially in Peru where half of the global Alpaca population lives.

The insulating property makes the fibre extremely lightweight and suitable for both summer and winter garments. Which is only one reason why Bufandy scarfs are so warm and soft.

The brand is on a commendable mission to promote conscious shopping by making fair manufacturing and sustainability the new normal. This is fully in line with Fairbee's ambitions, which is why we are honored to have Bufandy on our platform. Daniël van Fairbee about Bufandy: "I've been wearing Bufandy scarfs since the brand was founded. They are incredibly soft, high quality and well priced. My whole family now wears Bufandy scarves."