Feel aWondr. of nature

Why is the powerful green algae processed as a miracle from nature in aWondr? The skin is our largest organ and protects us from harmful external influences. Under the influence of UV radiation from the sun and pollution, free radicals are formed. These are harmful particles that can affect cells and are responsible for wrinkling and skin ageing.

The uniqueness of Chlorella Vulgaris in aWondr. is that it produces large amounts of metabolites. Metabolites can prevent the formation of free radicals. This has multiple positive effects on skin health. In addition, metabolites act as natural antioxidants. The natural antioxidants in aWondr. provide a visibly smoother skin and improve the complexion.

it's aWondr. not a fairytale

aWondr. is committed to innovative development of care products that actually do something for you. It is wonderful to sustainably incorporate the existing forces of nature into care products and thereby use a living organism that has been living billions of years old.