Avril is not just a brand of organic cosmetics.
They fit into everyday life by drawing inspiration from a sure value: simplicity.
But just because they want to make it simple doesn’t mean they want to do less.

Organic is part of their DNA. The certified organic cosmetics are approved by independent bodies that guarantee that the formulas comply with the strict specifications of organic cosmetics, from raw materials to finished products.

Quality is one of their major requirements. Easy application, color intensity, efficiency of the active ingredients, lasting, texture… Avril wants their products to perform as well as conventional products.

Their mission is to make organic cosmetics accessible to everyone. To achieve this, they reduce all marketing costs: no competition, no advertising… offering fair prices. Every day, unconditionally, to everyone.

In an urban and contemporary life, Avril creates every opportunity to feel well-being. Responsible well-being, with respect for oneself, others and the environment. In all simplicity.

Less is more, they say.