Atelier Jungles

Established and located in The Hague, Jungles is a creative and young brand providing costumers with handmade women's apparel of a high quality.  Their approach towards fashion is sustainable, ethical and local.

Jungles' mission is to prove to the world that sustainability is certainly also fashionable and for women to look great from early morning to late evening without having to feel bad for people or planet. An authentic approach to fashion is also reflected in the diversity in age, size and type of the people in their team and their customers.

Their social mission is nurturing the planet by local production of their garments from durable materials and fabrics. The second pillar of the social mission is producing locally, caring for people. With their social studio they actively create jobs and impact.

The collection exists mainly out of designer surplus - and sustainable fabrics. Instead of left-over materials from designers being destroyed, Atelier Jungles buys these "useless" fabrics for her collections reducing waste and being more sustainable.


Atelier Jungles