A Perfect Jane

A Perfect Jane is a perfect fit for Fairbee, offering cool-looking vegan boots: ankle boots, a clean laced biker boot and stylish high western boots. All boots are ethically produced in Portugal and made of the best quality plant-based vegan leather from Italy.

Just like Fairbee, A Perfect Jane is all about caring for animals and caring about our planet. They are conscious about the environment and proof that fashion, sustainability and high quality can be achieved. It is their mission to create fashionable vegan women's boots created from various sustainable materials.

A Perfect Jane loves the outdoors. Not all available sustainable materials can be used to create quality boots. They have to be strong enough. The evolution and innovation of plant-based vegan leather is taking place at an accelerating pace. A Perfect Jane prides itself for using plant-based vegan apple skin with a high bio-based content in their collection.


A Perfect Jane