About Us

Fairbee is here to inspire, inform and invite you to think differently about the way you consume. We want to encourage you to try something new that makes you look and feel good without putting stress on our planet. All the products we offer are produced by partner brands who take care of our people, our animals and our environment. We truly believe that together with you, we can contribute to a positive change in the supply chain of lifestyle products.


We are convinced that there are a lot of people out there who want to contribute to a better environment, better working conditions and improved animal welfare, but don’t know where to start. The Fairbee team is here to help you to make environmental- and people-conscious purchasing decisions easy without changing the way you live. We want to make sustainable shopping fun and easy!


Every purchase has an impact and creates change. And we make sure that the brands and products contributing to that change are easy to find on our website.


The brands showcased at Fairbee have been carefully selected based on three criteria: Labour standards, the environment and animal welfare. In making our product selection, we follow the criteria and methodology of Good on You, an independent organization that rates brands according to their impact on people, animals and the planet.


Together with our partner brands, we can accelerate the transition to a fair and sustainable supply chain.


Join us on our adventure and let’s inspire ourselves and each other.



Team Fairbee